About Us


With the constant changes in the globalized market, Nexport has been specializing in personalized attendance, giving its customers a differential in the acquisition of Brazilian products.
In 2003, Nexport began to export to several continents, including: North, Central and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa, always innovating and demonstrating the high technology developed by the industries on Brazilian soil.
In these 15 years of service to the international public, several changes have happened, and with them have come great investments in the technological area of ​​Nexport Exportadora (Exporter), making it able to provide to the most varied costumers, practicality, agility, convenience and, mainly, the assurance that they will receive what they expect.
Nexport doesn't want to be only an Export Agency, but a strong arm to the international consumers, who seek products manufactured in Brazil, that is, a reliable intermediary that watches over professional ethics, which is an essential element in any business relationship.
By negotiating directly with the industries, Nexport Exportadora (Exporter) offers to its clients total flexibility in their commercial conditions, establishing a solid and lasting partnership.