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Our Story

Nexport has started its activities in 2003 and over the years has built up a prestigious reputation specializing in international assistance, searching for innovate personalized service to ensure its customers an easier, safer, and more reliable way of buying Brazilian products.

At the end of a successful year in 2018, Nexport expanded its facilities, moving to a bigger and better place. At this point in the company’s history an important step was taken, the implementation of verification and processing within our own facilities. This certifies that goods will be delivered as requested and according to the high standards of the company and its services. Today, the company proudly exports with excellence to all continents.

Focusing on cost reduction, Nexport accommodates all the goods in collective boxes, where items will be palletized, ensuring the quality of the product and excellence of our services.
We have logistical partners who provide us with excellent shipment fees all around the world, and we work with manufacturers who allow us to offer a variety of products at competitive and accessible price rates.

We do not add any extra fees on the shipment quotations and costs, we offer the best rates on the market. This is because we understand how important it is to create honest and reliable bonds with our customers, also enabling them to be competitive in their markets.

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Nossa equipe altamente experiente é especializada em comércio internacional. Nós entendemos as complexidades e regulamentações, garantindo transações internacionais sem problemas para nossos clientes.

Economize tempo e dinheiro com nossos serviços de otimização de custos de transporte, impostos e tarifas. Nossa abordagem eficiente significa mais lucros e menos preocupações para o seu negócio.

Oferecemos soluções para minimizar riscos cambiais, problemas de conformidade e instabilidades políticas. Sua tranquilidade é nossa prioridade ao expandir globalmente.